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Predeterminado Terminator Genisys Got Nike To Remake Kyle Reese's Sneakers

Terminator Genisys Got Nike To Remake Kyle Reese's Sneakers

Remember the original Kyle Reese's (Michael Biehn) sweet, sweet nike free 3.0 2014 kicks from the first Terminator movie? Well good news, they'll be back.

Earlier this year, we were invited to visit the Terminator Genisys set. Unfortunately, we can't say beans about it yet because we're embargoed. However, we do have one delicious nerdy bit that we can break off for you, specifically about those excellent '80s sneakers. If you noticed in the trailer, new Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) is running around the same department store from the original film (where he stole the nike air max 90 Vandals). And if you noticed in the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot, Courtney can be seen in that same legendary duster and strikingly similar tennis shoes.

How did Terminator Genisys get their hands on these kicks? Not easily, costume designer Susan Matheson basically hounded nike free run 2 for months until they agreed to stop production and remake the Vandals from scratch. On set, Matheson explained her passionate mission:

"Nike wanted me to design an ID, like something, using the Air Force One base. But I'm a sneaker person and I know every single base of every sneaker. The Air Force One base is not the same as a new balance 574 Vandal."


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