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Predeterminado Hot 100 2014: Lee and Maureen Hooson, Mococo

Hot 100 2014: Lee and Maureen Hooson, Mococo

Lee and Maureen Hooson know the meaning of hard work. Last year, they relocated their Liverpool store to a space five times the size, incorporating a whole new shopfit. Two days later, they unveiled their first pandora charms online store in Wigan, and most recently they have created a Mococo bridal jewellery collection. If there’s one retail duo to emulate, it’s these two, who have forecast their business to turn over £8 million this year.

“The Liverpool store is beautiful, it’s amazing, I love it,” enthuses Maureen. “It has really helped to identify us, because from the Liverpool store we have developed our own style so when you walk in to a pandora charms sale shop, you know where you are.” These new-look boutiques are all about the branding — a rich, regal purple has become the Mococo signature, teamed with black and white display cases and branding focused on the letter ‘m’.

After expansion in 2012 and 2013, Lee and Maureen now oversee six stores in the Liverpool and North Wales area. But with six pandora animal charms stores come challenges and the husband-and-wife team say cash flow is always number one priority, making them all the more shrewd with decisions. But one decision that is set to pay off has been the creation of Mococo’s very first bridal jewellery collection. “We’ve been asked many times in the past year for engagement rings,” Lee reveals. “We’ve been very brand-oriented to date, but our customers have got confident shopping with us and now they want to buy their engagement ring from Mococo.” As a result, the couple have called in the services of a former Boodles designer and together they have created a highly-accessible range of 18ct wedding and pandora glass beads engagement rings that incorporate silver, with prices from £265 for a wedding ring. “It gives very good value for money but with a luxury feel,” says Maureen. “We’re also looking into future jewellery ranges of our own as we want a healthy collection of our own designs.”


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