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Dealing With The Psychological And Physical Aspects Of Alcohol And Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is damaging to every vital aspect of a person's life from their economic standing to their overall health. Rehab is meant to break the cycle of dependency and give the addict a new lease on life without the influence of drugs. When undergoing rehab, withdrawal symptoms are expected during the procedure of detox but it is a necessary process to help cleanse the harmful chemicals out of an addict's system so they have a better chance at abstaining from alcohol and drugs.

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Drug treatment can work when the psychological and physical aspects are dealt with at the same time. This can help make the cleansing process more successful. Coping with the mental aspects of alcohol and drug abuse is meant to enable patients to deal with the stress filled situations without using drugs. The treatment might involve changing interactions with old friends and changing the way of life so you don't end up in the same environments which pushed you towards excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Prescription drugs are a whole different matter but the same level of treatment applied for illegal drug or alcohol dependency might be needed to help with addiction.

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To be able to attain sobriety an addict needs to commit to a program and leave all of the people and places that do not serve his new life as a drug-free person. Ultimately, the person who can really treat an addict is the addict himself; a rehabilitation program can only provide the tools to help get an addict to sober up.

Many people tend to think that if they take a less potent drug they can make their road to detox and rehab much easier and would move from hard drugs to alcohol or from alcohol to painkillers but this is detrimental . Abstinence from all habit forming substances is recommended. Substituting one substance for another is not a good idea especially because most individuals who supposedly have the so-called "addictive personality" actually are prone to a chemical imbalance which will have to be addressed with diet and nutritional supplements.

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Some addictions are tied to mental health issues and treatment that looks at both problems is known as dual diagnosis treatment. The best place to get help for dual diagnosis is at a medical rehab where both facets can be investigated and appropriate treatment given. Addiction is a complicated problem and one has to look at all the facets that affect the patient, no two addicts are the same and to think that the same treatment will work for everyone is a primary reason that some addicts backslide. Addiction can be more intricate than just a physical problem, it can be psychological too and rehab treatment should involve both the mental and physical aspects of the problem.


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