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conectsql1208 08-Dec-2014 04:06

MyRingsMyStyle: Pandora's ring stack campaign
MyRingsMyStyle: Pandora's ring stack campaign

The online fashion world was all about jewellery over the weekend as pandora charms cheap launched a brand new jewellery campaign all about rings. A/W 2014 was all about rings, with midi and pinky rings making an appearance on hands all across London. Pandora has now taken the ring craze one step further to promote their collection of sterling silver, two-tone and 14ct gold stacking rings.

The campaign, entitled #MyRingsMyStyle (yes, with the hashtag!) features a collaboration with TV and radio presenter, Jameela Jamil as well as other different fashion bloggers, allowing them to choose their favourite pandora charms silver stacking rings and be featured on the Pandora website. Using their picks as “inspirations”, each collaboration allows for ring buyers everywhere to see the collection in a different light, and look at how other fashionistas have styled some truly beautiful ring pieces.

Jameela Jamil’s picks feature around a collection called the Daisy Ring Stack. An online pandora charms beads video features Jameela looking utterly flawless in a photo shoot around Shoreditch, showing us exactly how to do this new trend. The rings in the stack include a Triple Daisy Flower ring priced at £50 and a more simplistic Daisy Flower Ring priced at £40.

Other bloggers so far include the likes of Peony Lim and Emily Johnston, founder of Fashion Foie Gras, who wear daisies, hearts, twisted bands and pandora charms birthday rings over all ten of their fingers.

Making it even easier to shop, the Pandora website also provides links to each of the stacks worn by the collaborators, allowing you to buy the ones you love at the click of a button.

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